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The VG Resource was once a place where you can find sprite sheets, models, textures and sound effects from various video games. But when you are permanently banned from the website, you no longer gain access to your sprites, models, textures and sound effects that you've uploaded or anyone else's for that matter.

This wiki is currently under construction, and is relatively devoid of content for the time being.

For now, why not check out the start of our Dictionary?

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Reccomendations Edit

If you're in need of sprites or if you need models and textures or even sound effects for a video you're working on, The REAL VG Resource is a not good place to go to.

You'll either have to settle for a different Sprite Hosting site like the Sprite Database or something else.

As for Models, Textures and Sound Effects, you'll have to figure out where else to find them yourselves.

One thing is for certain, The REAL VG Resource is not exactly the best place to get all you need.

But here on the fandom version of The VG Resource, you'll get everything you always wanted to see.

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